Recipe: Auguste Escoffier (Tripes à la mode de Caen)


Escoffier’s version from Le Guide Culinaire.  This is a large-scale recipe that calls for the complete tripe (all four compartments).  The style of the writing in the book is more descriptive than a set of instructions, so I edited it down to the modern recipe format. Escoffier can be a bit vague and ambiguous at times; I left the recipe the way he presents it. (½ tbsp salt per lb. of tripe?? seems a bit much.) More Tripes à la mode de Caen recipes.

4 ox feet, cut and bound
1 complete tripe (all four compartments, approx. 12 lbs.)
½ tbsp salt per lb. of tripe
Pinch of pepper
12-16 onions (4 lbs)
3 lbs carrots (1 bag)
Herb Bunch
5 leeks (2 lbs)
1/3 lb parsley
Bay leaf
8 cups cider
1 cup calvados
Beef or pork suet

1. Soak tripes in cold water for a considerable time. Cut into two inch squares.
2. In a sauce pan just large enough to hold the tripes and garnish; lay the carrots, onions, seasoning, and the ox feet (reserving the bones).
3. Add the tripe, placing the herb bunch in its midst. Add on top the bones from the feet. Place on top ½ inch slices of cold suet. Add the liquid until almost covering the entirety.
4. In a bowl, mix flour and water to create a stiff paste. Cover the entire mouth of the pan with paste and press down along the edges to seal it.
5. Place pan in an oven preheated to 350 degrees. Bake for two hours or until paste is well baked. Place lid on tightly on the pan and bake for about 10 hours.
6. Remove the flour cover and any solid suet from the stop. Strain contents and discard onions and herb bunch. Skim the fat off the broth and separate the flesh from the feet, discard the bones.

Serve tripe, feet, and broth very hot in earthenware bowls.


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  1. Philippe

    Tres difficile de trouver les livres et les recettes de Auguste Escoffier. J’ai neanmoins pu telecharger son livre le plus connu sur ce site :

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