The Secret To A Good Tripes à la mode de Caen?


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In this video, Pierre Aubé, of La Tripière d’Or (a Norman gastronomical society dedicated to tripes à la mode de Caen), discusses some of the criteria used when judging a tripes à la mode de Caen competition. Check it out, even if your French is not up to snuff, there is some good tripes footage!

     Here are some of the key points in the video. My translation is not literal because there are a number of idioms and such. Basically the judges are focusing on the following criteria:

  • First they are looking at the sauce, it has to be liquid and not greasy which would affect its color.
  • Then they are looking at the balance/proportions of the meal, the size of the morsels. Here he picks up a piece and comments on it: it’s well proportioned because it measures about 5cm x 5cm.
  • Next they are checking on whether there might be too many loose scraps, carrot scraps for example
    Picking up sauce from another pot he comments on the pleasant smell.
  • These criteria apparently lead to a couple of marks ranked from 0 to 20 (how that breaks down is not exactly clear).
  • Then there is a third mark, from 20 to 40, that applies to the taste itself.

Man, that looks good! Time to plan a trip to Caen!

***Click on this link for the video if the above link does not work***:——–42541_actu.Htm


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